About K2


On our stunning mountains is where nature and skiing excellence are absolutely glorious. There is nothing more rewarding than spending every winter going up and down these breathtaking white mountains. The thrill never gets old, the adrenaline is truly powerful, the smell of fresh air and trees is calming, and the atmosphere is addicting!

We wanted to be able to not only enjoy our beautiful ski slopes, but contribute to the gift of nature we were blessed with, and we mean, truly contribute!

We decided to establish K2 ski rental and school, and it is the best decision we have made by far. The difference we are making, the incredible people we are meeting, and the wonderful experiences we are sharing… wow! 

Our Snow Instructors

When the snow blankets Bansko’s vast terrains, a special group emerges, ready to ignite passion, instill confidence, and impart essential skills. They are Bansko’s ski instructors – the unsung heroes behind every successful slope descent and the warm smiles that light up after a day’s lesson.

Guardians of the slopes

Masters of Technique:

With every turn, slide, and stop, these instructors showcase a ballet on snow. Their technical proficiency is unmatched, but what truly sets them apart is their ability to break down these techniques into simple, digestible steps for learners of all levels.

Empathy on Snow:

The best instructors not only understand the sport but also the apprehensions and fears of their students. Bansko’s ski instructors are patient and empathetic, always ensuring that learners feel safe and supported.

Guardians of Safety:

On the snowy terrains, safety is paramount. These instructors prioritize it above all else. They are well-versed with the mountain’s moods, the best trails for different skill levels, and the right techniques to ensure that every skier returns home with joyful memories.

Champions of Passion:

Their love for skiing is infectious. With stories of their adventures, personal experiences, and the sheer joy they exude while on the snow, they inspire everyone to embrace the sport with open arms.

Cultural Ambassadors:

Many of Bansko’s instructors are locals or have been part of the community for years. They don’t just teach skiing; they also provide insights into the local culture, traditions, and the unique spirit of Bansko, making the skiing experience even more enriching.